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Well, I move out for college tomorrow, I will still try to write whenever I have the free time.
Locked in a Cage


Kageyama wasn't really sure what he was doing here, his dad's younger brother picked him up after volleyball practice and now, Kageyama was standing in the heart of Kokubuncho* in front of an Edo period building with detailed kanji writing the name of the infrastructure; Hanafurirou*.

Had Kageyama been in any other ward, he would've thought it was an old time restaurant or a kabuki theater, but he was in Kokubuncho, and that meant this building could only be one thing; a brothel.

Kageyama looked to his uncle in worried concern, he had heard his classmates exchange stories of venturing to Kokubuncho on Saturday night outings for a joke or even as a test of courage, but Kageyama knew better and neither of those reasons were why his uncle dragged him out here. "Uncle, why did you bring me here?" Kageyama questioned, voice laced with toxic anger, he'd be blowing his lid had he not been standing in the middle of a busy street.

"I frequent here and I heard one of the underlings was having their mizuage* tonight, they were struggling to find them a partner, so I volunteered you." his uncle explained, "Uncle Ryuuji, I'm fifteen!" Kageyama shrieked. "From my understanding, so is the underling, or a little older." Ryuuji said.

Kageyama paled, someone is age was a prostitute? He had heard of people trafficking and children being sold, but he never truly thought it was a legitimate thing. The could've easily been him in there, in this situation; Kageyama gave a silent prayer of gratitude that he was blessed with a well-off, loving family. "Come on, let's go." Ryuuji said with impatience, dragging Kageyama into the brothel.

The teenager gave ignored protests as Ryuuji walked up to a counter, presumably a check-in desk of sorts. Behind the counter was an elderly woman, most likely the Baba, and a young man around eighteen with black hair and a name-tag that read 'Daichi.' "Hello, Baba-san, lovely as ever I see." Ryuuji said in a flirtatious manner that made Kageyama throw up in his mouth a little; that old hag was 'lovely?'

The older remained unfazed, however, "Petty compliments won't get you special services , Ryuuji-san. And who is this?", "Ah, this is my nephew, Tobio. He's the mizuage partner I told you about." Ryuuji said, wrapping an  arm around Kageyama, who wanted nothing more than to run away from the situation. "Oh, Tsubasa's partner, Daichi, escort Tobio-kun to Tsubasa's quarters. And Ryuuji-san, both Haihana* and Johinogawa* are open, which one would you prefer accompany you?" the Baba asked, "Oh, Johin-chan of course. Well, good luck tonight, Tobio, see you in the morning." Ryuuji said, waving his petrified nephew off as the man named Daichi escorted him down a hall. "Wh-what does he mean, 'see you in the morning?'" Kageyama demanded, "Mizuages typically last all night, unless the two of you want to end it early." Daichi explained, stopping in front of a sliding door, "Tsubasa, your partner is here, have a good night." the man said and opened the door.

Reluctantly, Kageyama trudged into the room, with the door sliding closed behind him once fully entered, he did not want to acknowledge the presence of the other, just wanting the night to end as soon as possible. "Um... Hello, goshujin-sama, I'm Tsubasa, I will be accompanying you this evening..." a small voice called, it was high-pitched, but not feminine and Kageyama could easily detect the timidness radiating from the inflection of the words. "Uh, there's no need to be so formal..." Kageyama's sentence trailed off as he finally took in Tsubasa's appearance.

The first thing Kageyama noticed was Tsubasa's hair, which was an explosive orange that looked eternally wind-tangled and reached down their back, the next he noticed was they were very small, smaller than most girls he saw at school. The third thing he noticed was they had a face of an angel; delicate cheekbones complimented by fair olive skin that had the slightest mantling to their cheeks. Tsubasa was donned in a light green kimono with thin yellow circles as the design that was scattered across the robe, all sealed shut with an orange obi tied in a massive bow in the front of their person.

The kimono was very simple and plain, nothing at all as extravagant as prostitute kimonos seemed to be in art and movies, but the simplicity of the garment highlighted how naturally beautiful Tsubasa is.

Kageyama never believed in love at first sight before, but now, he understood what it felt like to feel instant chemistry upon looking at someone for the first time. A bright flush came across his face as he realized what he had just thought and took a seat in front of the other. "So um... I'm Tobio Kageyama, a first year high school student." the ebony-haired boy introduced, "First year? You're so young!" Tsubasa exclaimed in amazement.

"You look even younger than me!" Kageyama bit back, he was on the younger side of his age group, his birthday falling in December, and being called 'young' became a bit of a sore spot to him; as junior high classmates would call him a 'baby.' "Hey, I'm almost sixteen, you should give some respect to your elders!" Tsubasa countered and Kageyama sucked on his teeth; this person was really older than him?

"So much for the shyness..." Kageyama thought, "So what do you do during this 'mizuage' thing anyway?", "Well, we both have to have a cup of Sake first." Tsubasa said, pointing to the bottle and two cups that were on a table some odd feet away from them, "Oh, okay." Kageyama said, going over and pouring two cups of Sake, giving one to Tsubasa and keeping one for himself. The two downed their Sake as fast as possible, both shivering a bit at the taste of the alcohol, it wasn't unpleasant, but it was definitely an acquired taste.

Placing the cups down on the tatami mat, Kageyama spoke again, "Okay, then what?" Tsubasa gulped and began to flush bright scarlet, "Next is the bed..." with that, Tsubasa took hold of Kageyama's wrist and pulled him to the futon set up on the opposite side of the room. "Bed? What?!" Kageyama cried, not fully realizing what Tsubasa had meant until he saw the other begin to disrobe, "Tsubasa, wait, we're too young to have sex!", "But, that's a prostitute's job." Tsubasa insisted, but it sounded as if they were trying to convince themself as their unstable hands pushed off the top of their kimono, revealing their perfectly flat chest; "Oh, he's a boy." Kageyama voiced in thought, but the attraction he felt towards Tsubasa did not falter.

Kageyama grabbed Tsubasa's hands, "We don't have to if you aren't comfortable." he said gently, and Tsubasa's eyes began to water, "Do you mean it?" he asked, "Of course, I won't make you do anything you don't want." with Kageyama's response, Tsubasa let go of his tears as he threw himself into the taller's chest, "You're very kind..." the petite boy whispered, and Kageyama couldn't help smiling goofily as affection for the small teen flooded into his body.

Sitting down on the futon with Tsubasa perched on his lap, Kageyama rubbed the other's back softly, "Were you scared?" he inquired, "Terrified, I didn't know who to expect would come tonight, I was only notified my mizuage would be tonight three days ago." Tsubasa explained, tucking his head under Kageyama's chin and the younger relished in the soft sensation. "Do you like it here? Do they treat you well?", "No, not really. I like Haihana-san, Daichi-san, and Shizukatani-san*, and there are a few others that I like, but most of the staff is mean, Johinogawa and the other prostitutes apart from Haihana-san and Shizukatani-san push blame onto me whenever something bad happens, so I get in a lot of trouble all the time.

Kageyama silently seethed, there were people who dared to be so cruel to this poor boy? "If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing in  a place like this?" Kageyama questioned and Tsubasa avoided eye contact, "I'm sorry, but I don't really know you, I'd like to get to know you better before I tell you that.", "It's okay, I understand. Is there anything you'd like to ask me?"

Tsubasa bit his lip contemplatively, "What do you like?", "I play volleyball, it's really all I care about apart from my family." Kageyama detailed with a proud expression on his visage, "You play volleyball?! I used to before coming here!" Tsubasa excitedly exclaimed. "Really?" Kageyama asked in disbelief, "Yeah!"

From there, the two engaged in idle chatter that went for hours on end, well late into the evening, the two finally receded into the futon's covers; huddled close together. "Um... Kageyama-san?" Tsubasa asked, "You can just call me 'Kageyama,' you know." Kageyama replied. "Okay. Kageyama, can I ask you something?", "Sure.", "Can I kiss you?" Tsubasa whispered, face painted redder than a tiger lily in full bloom. "Uh-huh." Kageyama answered, face just as flushed, Tsubasa leaned in and placed a kiss to the other's lips; short and chaste, Tsubasa quickly pulled away, "Thank you, good night!" he cried, embarrassed, turning over so his back was to Kageyama.

Snickering to himself, Kageyama wrapped an arm around Tsubasa, "He's too cute." he thought before falling under the spell of slumber.

The two awoke early the next morning, Tsubasa seeing Kageyama out of Hanafurirou, "Thank you for last night, Kageyama." Tsubasa said, bowing, "Don't mention it." Kageyama replied. "Um, Kageyama..." Tsubasa suddenly added, face flushed and twiddling his thumbs, "Yeah?", "Will you come visit me again?" Tsubasa squeaked, Kageyama was taken aback before pulling the smaller into an embrace, "Of course."


And Kageyama made good of his promise, any opportunity he had, he made the trip down to Kokubuncho and visited Tsubasa. Kageyama never truly knew how much he'd do for a person, one day Tsubasa told him other prostitutes, mainly Johinogawa, teased him that he never received gifts despite having a regular; Kageyama went home early that day and begged his volleyball coach to give him a part time job at his family-run convenience store.

A month and a few weeks had passed since the mizuage and the current date was the twenty-first of June; Kageyama was able to pry the face that June 21 was Tsubasa's birthday during a conversation a month prior. Kageyama had to work a few extra shifts to save up enough money for a gift for Tsubasa, what he had picked out for the other was quite expensive and his regular two four hour shifts a week at 700 yen an hour was not going to cut it.

"So you said you got me something?" Tsubasa asked, who was currently offering his lap as a pillow for Kageyama's head, "I did, do you want it now?" the onyx-haired boy answered. Tsubasa had to bite his lip to keep himself from blurting out an answer; he had been scolded many times to not be loud, as it wasn't flattering, "Yes, please." the birthday boy replied, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

Kageyama grinned at how adorable Tsubasa was acting, "Alright, here you go." he said, pulling out a small, thin paper package from his pocket, Tsubasa took the gift and carefully peeled it open as Kageyama sat up to take in his reaction.

The gift was a decorative hair comb, the kind that one would picture in the hair of a geisha; the sole decoration on the comb was a white flower. "Oh, Kageyama, I love it!" Tsubasa exclaimed, placing the comb immediately in his hair without a second thought, the effect it had on Tsubasa was just as Kageyama imagined, the paleness of the flower illuminated the brightness of his sunburst locks. "Thank you, Kageyama! I haven't gotten a birthday gift since..." Tsubasa's enthusiasm died as his words trailed off and his eyes were dulled with sadness.

"Since? Tsubasa, are you okay?" Kageyama asked, unhesitatingly taking the small boy into his arms, "I'm fine, I just started thinking about my family." Tsubasa replied. "Your family?", "Oh yeah, I never told you, I've never told anyone about it, so I don't really know how to talk about it."

Kageyama frowned in worry, "You don't have to tell me." Tsubasa shook his head, "No, I... I think I can tell you. You're different, Kageyama, I've never acted so naturally with anyone here before, except you. I... I want to tell you." and the taller nodded, indicating that Tsubasa could explain.

"I was sold here about four years ago. A few months before then, my mom gave birth to my baby sister while my dad was away in Kyoto on a business trip. My dad got so excited, he left the trip early and boarded the first plane he could... But, he never came home... The plane crashed and there were no survivors.

"The medical bills were enormous on their own, but everything started to pile up. Electricity, food, water, school, and my mom didn't have a job. My mom took me and my sister to Kokubuncho to see if she could get a job, and the Baba-sama saw me and became interested.

"My mom didn't want to sell me, but the Baba-sama offered six million yen for me and I told my mom to take it. I've been here ever since, my mom sends me letters, pictures, and some money from her part time odd jobs to help pay off my ransom, but I know she's still struggling more than me."

Kageyama felt tears slip down his face; how? How could this have happened to this boy?

"Kageyama?" Tsubasa questioned, reaching up and wiping the tears, "What's your family name?", "Huh?", "Your family name, what is it?" Kageyama demanded, "It's 'Hinata.'"

"Hinata, I swear, I will get you out of here and to your family." Kageyama declared and pulled Tsubasa into an embrace. Tsubasa gasped in surprise, but welcomed the comfort, freeing the tears he himself had been holding back.

Kageyama's glazed in determination, he was going to pay off Tsubasa's ransom. He was going to bring him home to his family. He was going to unlock his cage and set Hinata free.

And nothing was going to stop him.
KageyamaxHinata- Confined Wings Chapter 1
A/N: I don't own the characters, except for Ryuuji and Baba

So this is the beginning part of my Haikyuu prostitute au. This particular one will have two chapters while everything that follows is going to be a one-shot.

The series is called the "Hanafurirou series"

Hinata's prostitute name, "Tsubasa," is the Japanese word for wings, a Baba is the essential manager of a brothel in Japan.

*(1)- Kokubuncho is the red light district of Sendai, the capital of the Miyagi Prefecture
*(2)- Hanafurirou is the name of the brothel in the manga "Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou," which has heavily inspired my making this fic and eventual series
*(3)- A mizuage is a prostitute's first night taking a customer
*(4)- Haihana literally means "ash blossom" and is Suga's prostitute name (there will be a Daisuga part of the series)
*(5)- Johinogawa literally means "elegant creek" and is Oikawa's prostitute name (there will be an Iwaoi part of the series)
*(6)- Shizukatani literally means "serene valley" and is Nishinoya's prostitue name (there will be an Asanoya part of the series)
Guys, I did it, I made an AO3 account, check it out, works will be put up soon.…
I've been thinking about making an account on AO3 so I could have a second medium for my writing, should I do it?
#decision  #ao3 
It's hard to believe that just this morning, Syo thought Ai's face was the biggest problem in his life and now, just a few hours later, was the greatest blessing. But in this poor blonde idol's life, with every blessing comes a curse. And it was almost like poetic justice that the blessing caused the curse; honestly, Syo just couldn't catch a break. The small teen had been hoping to be able to slowly ebb his new-found relationship with Ai into his friends over a period of time, so everyone could become comfortable; he had not been expecting this.

Syo and Ai had walked in to the main room of the Master Course estate to find all their friends, perfect, the blonde thought he could slowly start weaving the relationship now, however, it seemed everyone had already heard of it, judging from Ittoki, Natsuki, and Reiji excitedly explaining it to everyone with Tokiya silently affirming what was being said.

"And they were just all over each other, Syo was even on Ai's lap and... Oh, hey Syo, Ai, we were just talking about you." Ittoki said, the couple had walked in mid-conversation, not knowing what had already been addressed. "We can see that." Ai replied, physical demeanor the same as usual, but Syo immediately paled.

To the blonde, the room he was in changed, he could no longer hear what was actually being said, his heart thumping far too loud in his ears. The room became dark and the people around him distorted, morphing into beings much larger than Syo and looking down on him in disgust and judgement. And Syo felt insignificant in their presence, as if he was a lesser being, all of the negativity welled up in the boy and all he wanted was to collapse in on himself and fade away from existence.

"Syo-chan, are you okay?" Natsuki asked, seeing his roommate looking as if he was ill and would pass out at any moment. Unable to bear being with the distortions any  longer, So bolted from the room and out of the Master Course estate, going as fast and far as his legs would take him. He needed to escape, and he needed to now; fleeing from the scene, the only thing the blonde left behind was moisture on  the floor, from the tears that had unknowingly started to descend.


No one quite understood why Syo suddenly stormed out of the room and the distant sound of the front door swinging open was definite evidence that the boy left the house entirely. Ai, wasting no time, dashed after his boyfriend, ignoring the shouts from behind him telling him to come back. The remaining people in the room were left in a confused daze before seeing snapped out of it by Nanami suddenly speaking, "I just wanted to congratulate them..." she said softly, voice barely above a whisper, "Don't sweat it, Nanami, I'm sure he'll be back inside any moment." Ittoki said, clapping a hand on her shoulder. "I think you're missing the point." Ranmaru remarked, "Missing what?" Cecil asked, "Two men in a romantic relationship isn't exactly the most... Common thing you see." Masato replied, "Especially in Japan." Ren added.

"Kurusu probably freaked out because he thought we wouldn't be accepting." Tokiya explained, "But is there anyone here that wouldn't accept them?" Reiji asked and no one responded negatively to it. "That's still not quite the issue, Kurusu doesn't know that everyone is accepting. Since he and Mikaze weren't the ones to tell us, and the two suddenly walked in to hear everyone already knowing made him panic. He probably wanted it to go slow, let everyone become comfortable before telling us." Camus articulated.

Natsuki stared at the front door that had been left open, "Then why don't we go after them and apologize?" he questioned, "No, Shinomiya-san, we should leave them alone, they'll come to us when they're ready." Masato said. The others silently agreed and all sat down and awaited for the couple to return, "I hope Syo-kun is okay." Nanami mumbled, "He will be, Ochibi-chan's strong, he'll be okay." Ren answered, reassuring Nanami, "I hope." he added in thought.


Syo's heart was pumping overtime as he ran across the courtyard and towards the gazebo, trying to block out the haunting mental images of what he saw, or moreso imagined, in the room. A small voice in his head was telling him he was overreacting, which was most likely the case, however, there was a louder voice telling him he was that his reaction was rational. That the others thought he was disgusting and hated him, never wanting to see him again, and that was enough to send him into a tearful frenzy and get the hell out of there.

"Syo!"  voice called to him from behind, not stopping or slowing his pace, Syo turned back the barest minimum possible for him to see who it was. Thankfully for the blonde, it was Ai, right when he was about to stop, the petite boy's foot got caught in an uneven patch of the ground and tripped; the boy could feel the sickening twist in his ankle as his body dropped to the grassy earth. "Syo!" Ai cried in panic, running to his small boyfriend at a speed that could only be possible by him as it could not be mustered by a human. The taller idol helped the smaller into a sitting position, "Syo, are you okay? Let me see it, did you get hurt anywhere else?" Ai questioned, grabbing the injured ankle as gently as he could, squeezing the skin lightly to check if the fragile bones underneath hadn't been damaged.

A light sniffle from Syo caused Ai to avert his attention from the ankle to his lover's face. Syo's face was flushed and tear-stained with some dirt caking his visage. In his thoughts, Syo could only think that he looked as filthy as the others perceived him, and all the negativity accomplished was worsening his tears. "Syo? What's wrong?" Ai asked tenderly, taking hold of his boyfriend into his arms, pulling him onto his lap, Syo immediately took refuge in Ai's chest.

The taller rubbed the boy's back in comfort, lightly hushing into the boy's ear in hopes of calming him down, through his incoherent sobs, Syo muttered something that was barely audible enough for Ai's bionic ears to pick up on. "What?" the younger asked, "...I'm dirty..." Syo repeated, "Well, you fell in dirt..." Ai said, but was cut off by Syo, "They think I'm dirty, that I'm dirty... Gross... Disgusting..." the older weeped, "Who does?", "The others..." Ai quirked a brow, "What do you mean, did they say anything like that? Or anything hurtful?"

In honesty, Syo doesn't actually know what was said, if anything was said at all, his mind just shut down at that moment. "The only that was said that could be slightly questioned was some said 'they couldn't believe it.' But they said it while smiling, Syo, they're happy for us." Ai explained. Syo looked up to his sempai, "Really?" he asked, he just wanted to be reaffirmed, "Yes." And that was all he needed, if Ai said it was so, it must be, he wouldn't lie to him.

"Syo, I wouldn't let them say anything hurtful to you, I'll protect you from anything, even our friends." Ai proclaimed, placing a kiss to Syo's lips, "You swear?" Syo asked, hugging Ai's neck tightly, "I swear." Ai replied, and Syo placed his lips over Ai's, opening his mouth to allow the taller access. The other's tongue quickly entered the boy's mouth and Syo felt clean and whole, a final tear slipped down his cheek, clearing his face of the dirt while unknowingly to them, their friends stood in the front doorway watching them with smiles on their faces.
AixSyo- Didn't See that Coming Part 3
A/N: I don't own the characters

Super belated request from :iconrandomalice13:

Gahhh! The feels and imagery! WHY DID I DO THIS? I don't know why, I just felt like writing this with a more dramatic atmosphere, but still have a happy ending.
Hi guys! I went to TooManyGames con today, it was a last minute invite from my cousin, Adrianne, we were gonna go yesterday but decided against it. So I went today with Katelyn, we cosplayed White and Gold from Pokemon. We did a lot, we went to the NateWantsToBattle concert, I saw some of the NES panel, we went to the Pokemon panel where we participated in that cosplay contest where I actually won second. I bought a lot of stuff; I bought Kageyama and Hinata keychains, Axel figure, Ling Yao mini figure, Attack on Titan t-shirt, Minecraft pin for my boyfriend, Tsukiyama keychain for my friend, a TMNT sticker that I got from a prize wheel, a Blastoise sticker I got for being second in the Pokemon cosplay contest, and a person gave me a t-shirt they got from the big throw out at the raffle cuz it wasn't there size. It was a lot of fun and I wish I was there for longer, I'll definitely try to go again next year.


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United States
HunterXHunter is ruining my life.

I'm just your everyday otaku and anime/manga fan. I'm an avid fanfic writer and I will write basically anything; any pairing, any genre, just ask and you shall receive. I'm always open for requests, so if you want a fic, just ask and hopefully I can oblige. My artistic skills are improving, but I'm not expecting a whole lot of drawings. I will also put up pics of me and my friends in cosplay.

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