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First year of college is done and I'm home for the summer! Updates will come more often!
#summervacation #wootwoot 
Curry II


Yuu couldn't imagine his face getting any hotter, half of his body was pulled across the counter as he was squished against his long time missing childhood friend and family. Soon after getting adopted by Guren and Shinya, he sent a letter to the orphanage asking how everyone was; when he got a response, Mika had also been adopted.

No one seemed to have gotten Mika's adoptive family's address, so Yuu couldn't communicate with him. Yuu went by without hearing a single word from Mika, and now, twelve years later, Mika appears before him; suddenly more handsome and taller than he remembered.

"Um... Mika... I missed you, too, but I'm at work..." Yuu muttered, eyes darting back and forth between his fathers. Shinya had a gentle, happy smile, while Guren was cheekily grinning; Yuu can tell by that expression that he is going to get the teasing of a lifetime for this.

Mika flushed in realization, grabbing Yuu by the shoulders and pushing him away, both locking eyes as their faces darkened.

Guren hummed in amusement, "So... Yuu, you gonna introduce your father to your boyfriend?"

Yuu swiftly turned around and glared at the older man, "He's not my boyfriend, stupid!"

"Well, could you introduce your friend to your good father, Yuu-kun?" Shinya asked.

"This is Mika, we grew up in the same orphanage." Yuu explained, Guren silently muttering something along the lines of 'favoritism.'

Suddenly, a spark of light flashed through Yuu's eyes, "Dad, I'm taking my break now, Mika, let's move to a booth." Yuu said, picking up Mika's plate of curry.

The two relocated to a nearby booth, sitting opposite of each other, "So what happened to you, Mika? I sent a letter to the orphanage a few week after I got adopted and you had gotten adopted, too. No one knew any of your new contact information, so I couldn't find you." Yuu said.

Mika took a bite of his curry before answering, "You've heard of the Tepes Family, right? I was adopted by the matriarch, Krul, I also got sent to a private, boarding school for most of my school-life, so I couldn't contact anyone. I never got your new family's contact information due to suddenly leaving."

Yuu nodded in understanding, "Yeah, there was no way to contact each other at all. But wow, the Tepes Family, lucky you. Told you, you'd get adopted by some rich family."

The blonde smiled at the remark as he pushed his spoon around in the rice, "Yeah, you did."

A hand suddenly cupped one of his cheeks and Mika jolted, staring at Yuu, "I really missed you a lot, Mika." he said, face illuminated.

Mika's cheeks colored as he placed his hand over Yuu's, "I missed you, too, Yuu-chan."

Yuu sat with Mika until he finished his meal, afterwards walking him out to his car, "Stop by again sometime, I work everyday." Yuu informed.

"Okay, try not to drain my wallet, Yuu-chan. Your curry is too good." Mika replied.

Yuu snickered, "Oh, here." the onyx-haired young man handed the blonde a slip of paper.

Mika took it without question, "It's my cell number, call or text me sometime, I wanna hang out again." Yuu explained.

"Will do." Mika said, pocketing the paper.

Smiling, Yuu stood up on the balls of his feet and planted a kiss to his cheek, "I gotta get back to work, but I hope I'll be hearing from you soon."

Mika blushed as his hand cupped the spot that had been kissed, "Definitely, if it means you'll kiss me again."

"Call me by tomorrow and the next one will be on the lips."

Mika called Yuu before he even left his parking spot.
MikaYuu AUs- Chapter 9
A/N: I don't own the characters

Request from xJohnlockianx3 on AO3

Sequel of Chapter 7

Sorry it's short and took forever to get up, I had finals and stuff, but now that summer is less than two days away, I'll be able to update more frequently again.

If you have a request, leave it here or at my AO3, "Mochi_chan"


"Why are we here?" Yuu mumbled in dissatisfaction, crossing his arms over his chest and kicking his feet in the chlorinated water.

"Yuu-chan, it's 96-degrees outside, the air-conditioner isn't working, so the net best thing to cool off is going to the pool." Mika explained, floating around in the pool nearby.

Pouting, Yuu lightly splashed some water onto Mika with his foot, "Couldn't we just buy some ice-cream instead?"

Grinning, Mika lifted himself out of the pool and grabbed his towel, "If you wanted ice-cream, you should've just said so, Yuu-cahn. I'll be right back." he said, making his way over to the pool's snack shack.

Following the blonde with his eyes as he left, Yuu immediately felt boredom set in. Staring down at his reflection in the water, Yuu allowed himself to get lost in this thoughts. He had never really liked large bodies of water; pools, lakes, the ocean, as a result, Yuu never learned how to swim. He was a little jealous he couldn't enjoy the water with Mika, but he'd rather work on his tan anyway.

Too bored to wait any longer, Yuu stood from his perch and moved to join Mika at the snack-bar, but his journey was cut short as he almost immediately bumped into someone. A wet splat on the asphalt flooring followed immediately the collision.

"Oh sorry." Yuu said, looking up to see a tall brunette man, who was walking with an equally tall blonde man. Not expecting a reply, Yuu moved to swerve around the two taller men, but his arm was roughly grasped.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?! Look at what you did to my fries!" the brunette man shouted, finger pointing to somewhere on the ground. Green eyes followed the finger, finding an order of cheese fries splayed about on the ground.

"Oops, sorry man." Yuu said.

"'Sorry' isn't gonna cut it! Go buy us more!" the blonde demanded.

Yuu's brows began to furrow, "Sorry, but I don't have any money. It was an accident anyway, why you gotta be a dick about it?"

The two men didn't seem to take kindly to the onyx-haired boy's counter, both having cynical smirks cross their visage, "Then how about we all swim together instead." the brunette smiled.

Alarm sirens went off in Yuu's head, he needed to get away from these two. However, the grip on his arm was too strong, soon enough, his other arm was restricted by the brunette and his legs by the blonde.

Lifted up and dangling by his limbs, Yuu felt fear creep into his heart, "One, two, and!" the two men counted, tossing Yuu into the pool.

Crashing through the water with a thwack, Yuu's lungs immediately filled with the chlorinated liquid, arms thrashing about, trying to bring his body back to the surface.

But he couldn't, all Yuu could feel was his body sinking closer to the concrete flooring and the pain of the oxygen in his lungs being replaced with water.

Eyes slipping shut, Yuu barely heard the muffled sound of another body plowing into the water. He barely registered the arms wrapping around his body and pulling him back up to the surface.


Mika had just returned to the pool when Yuu was tossed into the pool, panic arose within Mika, "Yuu-chan!" the blonde screamed, throwing the popsicles he bought off to the side and dived in after his childhood friend.

Wrapping his arms around Yuu's lithe body, Mika swam them back up to he surface. The air blessingly infiltrated Yuu's lungs as his head breached the surface, slowly opening his eyes, Yuu was greeted with the sight of a worried Mika.

"Yuu-chan, are you okay?!" Mika cried.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine..." Yuu muttered, voice hoarse from swallowing the water. The blonde hoisted Yuu out of the pool, placing him at the edge as easily as if he weighed nothing at all before pulling himself out of the pool as well.

The two men who had thrown Yuu in stood stock-still, amazed at how quickly Mika retrieved Yuu. Mika grabbed a nearby towel, it wasn't even of the ones they brought, but it didn't matter to Mika as he wrapped it around Yuu.

Mika promptly turned his attention to the two men after tending to Yuu, his eyes darkened and practically screamed death to the two strangers.

"If I ever see either of you two near my Yuu-chan again, it'll be you two at the bottom of the pool. With sandbags tying you down. Do you understand?!" Mika threatened.

The two men hastily nodded their heads in understanding, they bolted away from the blonde.

Yuu's cheeks flushed at Mika's words, pulling the towel tighter around him.

Mika huffed a sigh and turned back to Yuu. Kneeling before the other, Mika took hold of Yuu in another embrace; Yuu flushing further.

"I'm sorry, Yuu-chan, I won't leave you alone again." Mika breathed, soothing his hand through Yuu's hair.

"It's okay, Mika, let's just go get some more ice-cream, it looks like you got rid of the ones you already bought." Yuu replied.

Mika grinned, "Alright, let's go." he said, taking hold of Yuu's hand and leading them over to the snack shack.

Yuu leaned over and planted a peck on Mika's cheek, "Thanks for saving me, my Mika." he said, his voice raising to a teasing note.

Mika's cheeks brightened, then leaning over to return the gesture to the onyx-haired boy lips, "Any time, my Yuu-chan."
MikaYuu AUs- Chapter 8
A/N: I don't own the characters

Request from Tiger says RAWR on AO3.

Mika, best boy, saving his princess.

If you have a request, you can submit it here or at my AO3, "Mochi_chan"
Hiya guys, time for another update!

So Jaycon was yesterday, and it was a lot of fun! I went with Katelyn, Kathy, Kelcy, Erin, Sherika, and my boyfriend Tom. On Saturday, Sherika did the Painted Lady from ATLA and the rest of us did the Matsuno Fam from Osomatsu-san; Erin as Osomatsu, Katelyn as Karamatsu, Kelcy as Choromatsu, me as Ichimatsu, Kathy as Jyushimatsu, and Tom as Todomatsu. On Sunday, I dressed up as Fem!Tsukishima from Haikyuu and Katelyn dressed up as the Purple Guy from FNAF; everyone else didn't really cosplay. I got four buttons, one of which I gave to my friend Leighann, and a Barnaby alpaca! I attended three of Manly Battleships panels; Tame that Tune, MLP, and Otakudom, which were all great. I also went to the cosplay contest and the yaoi panel (first 18+ panel, wooo!) All in all, Jaycon was a success!

I apologize about the lack of updates recently, I had to write several lengthy papers and I'm only just recently getting some breathing room. So don't worry, all the requests I've accumulated will be done as fast as possible, so look forward to that!

And my next con will be TooManyGames; which I will be going to with Katelyn and Erin. We're defs going to all three days, or at least that's the plan, and the lineup (that is of course, subjective to change knowing me) is White from Pokemon (again), an Organization XIII member (yet to be decided, it's probs going to be Xion or Larxene?) from Kingdom Hearts, and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.

As for school, there's only about maybe five weeks left before Spring Semester is over and I'm home for the summer, I can't wait to be home everyday, enjoy life with no worries, and be able to sleep all day without being judged!

Well, that's all for now, thanks for bearing with my lack of activity; schoolwork, am I right?

Ja ne~


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United States

Ichimatsu is my spirit animal.

Everyday otaku, definite weeb. Secretly a mochi. Thirsts for requests, always. Fangirl trash, shipping enthusiast. Quotes Spongebob daily. Aesthetic Hunter. Cosplay is my favorite and most troublesome hobby. Can't draw but tries.

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