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It's hard to believe that just this morning, Syo thought Ai's face was the biggest problem in his life and now, just a few hours later, was the greatest blessing. But in this poor blonde idol's life, with every blessing comes a curse. And it was almost like poetic justice that the blessing caused the curse; honestly, Syo just couldn't catch a break. The small teen had been hoping to be able to slowly ebb his new-found relationship with Ai into his friends over a period of time, so everyone could become comfortable; he had not been expecting this.

Syo and Ai had walked in to the main room of the Master Course estate to find all their friends, perfect, the blonde thought he could slowly start weaving the relationship now, however, it seemed everyone had already heard of it, judging from Ittoki, Natsuki, and Reiji excitedly explaining it to everyone with Tokiya silently affirming what was being said.

"And they were just all over each other, Syo was even on Ai's lap and... Oh, hey Syo, Ai, we were just talking about you." Ittoki said, the couple had walked in mid-conversation, not knowing what had already been addressed. "We can see that." Ai replied, physical demeanor the same as usual, but Syo immediately paled.

To the blonde, the room he was in changed, he could no longer hear what was actually being said, his heart thumping far too loud in his ears. The room became dark and the people around him distorted, morphing into beings much larger than Syo and looking down on him in disgust and judgement. And Syo felt insignificant in their presence, as if he was a lesser being, all of the negativity welled up in the boy and all he wanted was to collapse in on himself and fade away from existence.

"Syo-chan, are you okay?" Natsuki asked, seeing his roommate looking as if he was ill and would pass out at any moment. Unable to bear being with the distortions any  longer, So bolted from the room and out of the Master Course estate, going as fast and far as his legs would take him. He needed to escape, and he needed to now; fleeing from the scene, the only thing the blonde left behind was moisture on  the floor, from the tears that had unknowingly started to descend.


No one quite understood why Syo suddenly stormed out of the room and the distant sound of the front door swinging open was definite evidence that the boy left the house entirely. Ai, wasting no time, dashed after his boyfriend, ignoring the shouts from behind him telling him to come back. The remaining people in the room were left in a confused daze before seeing snapped out of it by Nanami suddenly speaking, "I just wanted to congratulate them..." she said softly, voice barely above a whisper, "Don't sweat it, Nanami, I'm sure he'll be back inside any moment." Ittoki said, clapping a hand on her shoulder. "I think you're missing the point." Ranmaru remarked, "Missing what?" Cecil asked, "Two men in a romantic relationship isn't exactly the most... Common thing you see." Masato replied, "Especially in Japan." Ren added.

"Kurusu probably freaked out because he thought we wouldn't be accepting." Tokiya explained, "But is there anyone here that wouldn't accept them?" Reiji asked and no one responded negatively to it. "That's still not quite the issue, Kurusu doesn't know that everyone is accepting. Since he and Mikaze weren't the ones to tell us, and the two suddenly walked in to hear everyone already knowing made him panic. He probably wanted it to go slow, let everyone become comfortable before telling us." Camus articulated.

Natsuki stared at the front door that had been left open, "Then why don't we go after them and apologize?" he questioned, "No, Shinomiya-san, we should leave them alone, they'll come to us when they're ready." Masato said. The others silently agreed and all sat down and awaited for the couple to return, "I hope Syo-kun is okay." Nanami mumbled, "He will be, Ochibi-chan's strong, he'll be okay." Ren answered, reassuring Nanami, "I hope." he added in thought.


Syo's heart was pumping overtime as he ran across the courtyard and towards the gazebo, trying to block out the haunting mental images of what he saw, or moreso imagined, in the room. A small voice in his head was telling him he was overreacting, which was most likely the case, however, there was a louder voice telling him he was that his reaction was rational. That the others thought he was disgusting and hated him, never wanting to see him again, and that was enough to send him into a tearful frenzy and get the hell out of there.

"Syo!"  voice called to him from behind, not stopping or slowing his pace, Syo turned back the barest minimum possible for him to see who it was. Thankfully for the blonde, it was Ai, right when he was about to stop, the petite boy's foot got caught in an uneven patch of the ground and tripped; the boy could feel the sickening twist in his ankle as his body dropped to the grassy earth. "Syo!" Ai cried in panic, running to his small boyfriend at a speed that could only be possible by him as it could not be mustered by a human. The taller idol helped the smaller into a sitting position, "Syo, are you okay? Let me see it, did you get hurt anywhere else?" Ai questioned, grabbing the injured ankle as gently as he could, squeezing the skin lightly to check if the fragile bones underneath hadn't been damaged.

A light sniffle from Syo caused Ai to avert his attention from the ankle to his lover's face. Syo's face was flushed and tear-stained with some dirt caking his visage. In his thoughts, Syo could only think that he looked as filthy as the others perceived him, and all the negativity accomplished was worsening his tears. "Syo? What's wrong?" Ai asked tenderly, taking hold of his boyfriend into his arms, pulling him onto his lap, Syo immediately took refuge in Ai's chest.

The taller rubbed the boy's back in comfort, lightly hushing into the boy's ear in hopes of calming him down, through his incoherent sobs, Syo muttered something that was barely audible enough for Ai's bionic ears to pick up on. "What?" the younger asked, "...I'm dirty..." Syo repeated, "Well, you fell in dirt..." Ai said, but was cut off by Syo, "They think I'm dirty, that I'm dirty... Gross... Disgusting..." the older weeped, "Who does?", "The others..." Ai quirked a brow, "What do you mean, did they say anything like that? Or anything hurtful?"

In honesty, Syo doesn't actually know what was said, if anything was said at all, his mind just shut down at that moment. "The only that was said that could be slightly questioned was some said 'they couldn't believe it.' But they said it while smiling, Syo, they're happy for us." Ai explained. Syo looked up to his sempai, "Really?" he asked, he just wanted to be reaffirmed, "Yes." And that was all he needed, if Ai said it was so, it must be, he wouldn't lie to him.

"Syo, I wouldn't let them say anything hurtful to you, I'll protect you from anything, even our friends." Ai proclaimed, placing a kiss to Syo's lips, "You swear?" Syo asked, hugging Ai's neck tightly, "I swear." Ai replied, and Syo placed his lips over Ai's, opening his mouth to allow the taller access. The other's tongue quickly entered the boy's mouth and Syo felt clean and whole, a final tear slipped down his cheek, clearing his face of the dirt while unknowingly to them, their friends stood in the front doorway watching them with smiles on their faces.
AixSyo- Didn't See that Coming Part 3
A/N: I don't own the characters

Super belated request from :iconrandomalice13:

Gahhh! The feels and imagery! WHY DID I DO THIS? I don't know why, I just felt like writing this with a more dramatic atmosphere, but still have a happy ending.
It was once said that it takes a toll to keep a secret, it physically and mentally wears a person down to keep a secret. That said, Natsuki had reasonable suspicion to believe Syo is keeping a secret; despite how close he got to his sempai during the filming when Ai was losing power, as soon as they returned to the campus, Syo resumed his tsundere tendencies, full force.

Natsuki wasn't sure of what to make of the situation; did Syo hate Ai? Was he hiding something and using the disconnect as a cover? The bespectacled teen, knowing his friend, was leaning towards the latter, and when he addressed it to the others, with the exception of the two main conversation subjects, the others surprisingly thought similarly.

"I thought the two were getting along, considering what happened from what Haruka told me after you guys got back." Cecil said, "Maybe they are getting along and Syo doesn't want us to know, so his being mean to him is to make us think otherwise." Ittoki suggested. Ranmaru ran a hand through his hair, "Then why would he go to all the trouble of taking care of him?", "Maybe Syoyo* likes Ai-Ai." Reiji said, "Then why be mean to him?" Tokiya asked, confused. "Let's be honest, it's Ochibi-chan, if he likes something, he acts uninterested and rude to it." Ren explained, "He's a textbook tsundere then." Camus stated.

"Who's a textbook tsundere?" a voice laced with irritation spoke, all turned to see Syo, vein starting to protrude from his forehead. "Oh, Syo-chan!" Natsuki exclaimed, surprised, "Well?" the short blonde insisted, "Uh, well, Kurusu, to be honest, you're a bit of an anomaly, like those characters from shoujo manga." Masato replied. "Okay, but that doesn't mean I like Ai." Syo answered, lacing his hands on his hips. "Um, Syo, we didn't mention him, why bring him up?" Ittoki asked, Syo's reaction rose more suspicion in the idols, "Oh! Uh.. Um, well I... I uh... H-heard! I heard you guys mention him, I was here for a good while. Oh, look at the time I've got a... Thing, now, see ya!" he jumbled out, hurrying to flee with a face of fire.

The others stared after their smallest friend, "Something is definitely up." Camus said with everyone nodding in response.


Syo quickly ran from the foyer to his dorm room, needing privacy and had an even more desperate need to see a certain someone. Throwing open the door to the room, Syo called out, "Ai!" Said teen turned from his desk, where he had been typing away on his laptop until just a moment ago, "What's wrong?" Ai asked, face betraying is usual stoic demeanor to show emotion, this made Syo's heart skip a beat; whenever he saw Ai express an emotion to him, it made the blonde feel as if he was someone special to his sempai.

Before Syo could gush anymore over the feeling, he practically tackled Ai, encasing his sempai with his body, "Ai, they know!" the blonde cried, burying his face in the robot's shoulder. "That I'm a robot, I know." Ai replied, "No, Ai, I mean us, they know about us." Syo said.

"What do you mean?" Ai asked, "Well I don't mean they know know, they're catching onto that I might like you... Not that I question the depths of my feelings for you. It's in relation to their theory! What I mean is, they're catching onto my feelings for you and they'll catch onto that we're dating soon and I don't know how I or the others will handle it and...!" Syo rambled, thoughts mixing together and escaping his mouth all too fast for him to control.

Ai, unable to get in a word, put an end to Syo's babbling by shutting his mouth; with his own. The blonde was instantly silenced, Ai moved away after a moment of his boyfriend becoming unresponsive,  "Have you calmed down?" Syo nodded his head, "Good, now from what I could gather, you're concerned how the others will react if they find out we're dating and they're catching on fast." the taller surmised, "Yes." Syo responded. "Then why are you so worried?"

Syo blanched at Ai's question, "Why?! Ai, we're both guys, and you're a robot to boot!", "They're our friends, you should have a bit more faith that they'd be supportive." Ai explained, rubbing Syo's back, hoping to relieve some tension that was plaguing the boy. "It's just... I'm scared, not everyone is accepting of everything." Syo confessed, hugging Ai tighter.

"Then we'll run away to America and get married." Ai said with all the seriousness in the world, Syo's face couldn't have been any brighter, "M-married?! B-but what about STARISH and Quartet Night?", "They'll have no need for us if they can't accept our relationship." Ai proclaimed, eyes holding determination.

The teen couldn't believe his ears, what had Syo done to deserve himself such an amazing man like Ai? Still flushed at the sudden proposal, Syo felt confidence seep into his body; even if the others didn't accept their relationship, it wouldn't matter to him, as long as he had Ai, he'd face any challenge. "Alright, well since the matter has already been brought up, we should might as well tell them now." Ai said.

And Syo paled, yes he said he could face anything with Ai, he just didn't expect to face something so quickly, "Wait, Ai! Can't we tell them later, like tomorrow... Or next month?" Syo questioned weakly. "You'll just want to push it off, so we're doing this now." Ai decided, standing from his computer chair, his petite lover slung over his shoulder, "Ai, wait!" but the cyan-haired teen didn't listen, instead heading for the door and pulling it open.

To be met face to fist, Ai took notice of Ranmaru's hand, then the rest of his housemates standing by him, Syo notied as well, blushing at his situation before rolling off Ai's shoulder. "Um, hey Ai Ai." Reiji spoke, "So how much did you hear?" Ai asked, "Hear? We didn't..." Cecil started to say, "How much?" Syo demanded, cracking his knuckles, "All of it!" Ittoki squealed.

Ai sighed, "Well, does anyone have something to say or object to?" he invited, Tokiya stepped forward, "We didn't mean to make you feel insecure, Syo. We completely support you and Ai-san." he explained, "Yeah, we were only so interested because we wanted to properly congratulate you." Ittoki added. "See, told you so." Ai remarked, lightly nudging Syo with his elbow, Thanks, you guys." Syo said.

"Oh, I have a question." Ren suddenly said, "What?" Ai asked, "When's the wedding?" he teased, wiggling an eyebrow suggestively and earning a chuckle out of Ranmaru. Syo fumed, readying himself to sawk his older friend, only to be pulled back by Ai, "Invitations will be sent out as soon as we have our premature honeymoon." Ai explained, shutting the door on the others and capturing Syo's lips, tongue slipping into the blonde's mouth.

All the while, Syo could only think about how he was going to explain to his parents that the blushing bride at his wedding was going to be himself. Perhaps that is a secret that better be kept.
AixSyo- Secrets Aren't Always Best Kept
A/N: I don't own the characters

Request from :iconlunaklipse:, sorry it took so long, I started this while I was still in school and all the prep from graduation and stuff had to take priority, so yeah... Anyway, I hope you like it!

PS, thanks to Ai's episode in Maji Love Revolutions, I now ship Ai and Syo, it was bound to happen, but now it finally has.

*- Personal headcanon of what Reiji's nickname for Syo would be.
Just finished watching the season finale for Maji Love Revolutions and I feel so played. Like, 13 episodes spent to see if STARISH beats QN just for HEAVENS to be thrown in the mix and start the battle all over again. Oh well, more singing bishonens.
#utanoprincesamamajiloverevolution #XingeseSoulReaperWatchesUtaNoPrinceSama #ImGonnaStartDoingTagsLikeThat #TheySeemCool
Hi guys! I went to TooManyGames con today, it was a last minute invite from my cousin, Adrianne, we were gonna go yesterday but decided against it. So I went today with Katelyn, we cosplayed White and Gold from Pokemon. We did a lot, we went to the NateWantsToBattle concert, I saw some of the NES panel, we went to the Pokemon panel where we participated in that cosplay contest where I actually won second. I bought a lot of stuff; I bought Kageyama and Hinata keychains, Axel figure, Ling Yao mini figure, Attack on Titan t-shirt, Minecraft pin for my boyfriend, Tsukiyama keychain for my friend, a TMNT sticker that I got from a prize wheel, a Blastoise sticker I got for being second in the Pokemon cosplay contest, and a person gave me a t-shirt they got from the big throw out at the raffle cuz it wasn't there size. It was a lot of fun and I wish I was there for longer, I'll definitely try to go again next year.


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I'm just your everyday otaku and anime/manga fan. I'm an avid fanfic writer and I will write basically anything; any pairing, any genre, just ask and you shall receive. I'm always open for requests, so if you want a fic, just ask and hopefully I can oblige. My artistic skills are improving, but I'm not expecting a whole lot of drawings. I will also put up pics of me and my friends in cosplay.

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