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I now have official word that I am going to Zenkaikon on Saturday and Sunday. I'm going with my friends Katelyn and Alisa this year instead of my cousins, because my cousin Erika who is my usual "adult" is going to her boyfriend's sister's wedding in Maine that weekend and I have no idea about my cousin Adrianne's situation. There is a slight change in plan with my cosplay lineup. I KNOW I'm just AWFUL; like WHO CHANGES THEIR COSPLAY SO CLOSE TO THE CON?! Well, I am that kind of person, I'm swapping out my Little Mikasa cosplay because of two reasons: 1, I don't want to be that one of one hundred people all from Attack on Titan, because we all know there's going to be a s-ton of SNK cosplayers and 2, my dress isn't going to get washed in time and I'd like to perfect the cosplay, like getting a longer scarf and better shoes cause the ones I have are too big right now (I have very small feet, I'm only a 4.5, and my flats are about a 6, so I'd like to either get better flats or grow into the ones I have). So, I'm swapping out Little Mikasa for Xion from Kingdom Hearts, I already have the cloak (it was Alisa's but it was too tight on her) and the reason for Xion is because Alisa is going as Riku from KH in his Organization XIII outfit, so I thought it'd be cool to do that on the Sunday. I'm keeping Killua for Saturday; NOTHING IN THE WORLD WILL MAKE ME DROP KILLUA! I'm sooooooooooo close to finishing that cosplay that I want to cry, I made my boot covers the other day and all I need to do for the actual cosplay is to attach the purple parts of the boot covers, find some kind of chest binder, I need to redo my exam pin, and my wig needs to arrive (it will be soon). After I finish the cosplays, I need to figure out my makeup, like I need to turn my eyebrows white for Killua and I have an idea for it, I just need to check if it works. I'm so excited for Zenkaikon that I can just smell the Lancaster air; I'M READY!

Update: 4/19/14

Short update on my cosplay progress. They're done, both Killua and Xion are done; I just finished Killua's boot covers today, and while they are absolute shit, they are done and look decent. I've already tried on my Killua cosplay and it's perfect, for Xion, I've tried on every individual part separately due to either wearing them all the time as clothes and such or to check sizing and everything fits, all I have to do is see it all together. I feel so accomplished, just a week to go guys! Oh, if you anyone wants to see some pre-con pictures of either cosplay, just say so, I need an excuse to hold a mini photoshoot of my cosplays. All that's left is that accursed chest binder, really hoping my friend's compression shirt works...


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HunterxHunter is ruining my life.

I'm just your everyday otaku and anime/manga fan. I'm an avid fanfic writer and I will write basically anything; any pairing, any genre, just ask and you shall receive. I'm always open for requests, so if you want a fic, just ask and hopefully I can oblige. My artistic skills are improving, but I'm not expecting a whole lot of drawings. I will also put up pics of me and my friends in cosplay.

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