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Ittoki smiled fondly at the sight of Ai and Syo cuddling on the couch; he had heard the two arguing and suddenly leaving their room from his dorm, and feeling curious and nosy, followed them down to the foyer; he staying on the stairs. "I knew he liked him." he whispered happily, silently enjoying the sight. "Oh, that's new, since when have Mikaze and Chibi got along like that?" a gruff voice said from Ittoki's shoulder.

The redhead silently gasped, managing to hold back the scream that almost ripped through his vocal chords, "Kurosaki-sempai?!" Ittoki harshly whispered. "So how long has this been going on?" Ranmaru asked, practically ignoring Ittoki's chastise, "Um... That?" Ittoki asked, pointing to the two on the couch, "Not long, probably." he added. "Oooh." Ranmaru said in interest, "Let's go ask them." he began heading down the steps. "Ah! Kurosaki-sempai, no!" Ittoki quietly exclaimed, latching onto the older man's arm and began to pull the other upstairs; or at least tried to.

"What are you doing, Red?" Ranmaru asked, allowing the boy to finally, yet eternally slow, pull him up the stairs, "Syo would kill us if we interrupted! You know how he gets when he's embarrassed!" Itokki explained as he led the two p to the second level. "Explosive." the older stated, not a hint of questioning in his answer, "Exactly! So, we should leave them alone!" Ittoki cried, the two finally arriving on the second level.

"Leave who alone?"


Ittoki practically leaped out of his shoes in shock before landing square on his behind, "Don't do that, Natsuki!" he groaned, standing, "Oh, sorry, Otoya-kun." the glasses wearing boy answered, "Red is insistent on us leaving Mikaze and Chibi alone, who are currently defiling the couch with their cuddling." Ranmaru answered the earlier question. "Really?! Cuddling, Syo-chan and Ai-chan?! I want to see!" Natsuki squealed, starting to barrel down the stairs. "Natsuki, no, Syo will murder you!" Ittoki screamed, using all of his strength to ground the taller in lace. "What is with all the racket?" a new voice entered the conversation, "Sorry, Tokiya, it's just these two won't heed my warning of leaving Ai and Syo alone." Ittoki apologized.

"Why would they need to be left alone? It's not like they're cuddling on the couch downstairs." Tokiya said, he then looked at the expressions of the other three, "Oh." he breathed in understanding. "See, you understand, so we should, leave them alone." Ittoki emphasized. "But I wanna see!" Natsuki whined as if the redhead took away his favorite toy.

"Natsuki, I said no!" Ittoki rerimanded.

"What's the harm?" Tokiya asked.

"Huh?" the other three questioned.

Tokiya's face flushed, "I mean, if we just look, it shouldn't bother them." he explained, "I mean, if we don't bother them, I guess." Ittoki mumbled. "Yay, let's go, let's go!" Natsuki cheered, marching down the steps, closely followed by Ranmaru, Ittoki, then Tokiya. "Stop!" Ittoki whispered, all coming to a hault, they all peered over the railing to look into the foyer.

All of them turned a varying shade of red.

"Ah... Ai..." Syo moaned, lips sucking on Ai's bottom lip as the cyan-haired boy's hands massaged the blonde's waist. Syo was currently straddling his sempai's hips and his hair was in disarray, red barrets lost somewhere as Ai probably spent some time fussing with Syo's hair. "Mm..." Ai moaned in response, tongue slipping into Syo's mouth, hands roaming lower, taking hold of Syo's bottom; pulling the smaller closer all the while giving the plump flesh a squeeze.

"Man, now I'll never be able to sit on that couch again." Ranmaru groaned in annoyance, "I can't believe you're complaining about that." Tokiya said, trying not to stare too much at them, but still stealing glances. "I think we should go." Ittoki said, face completely illuminated crimson, "Yeah." Tokiya and Ranmaru agreed, the three going upstairs, Ranmaru dragging Natsuki along.

The four returned to their dorms, Ittoki and Tokiya crawled into bed, "I can't believe..." Ittoki started, "Yeah..." Tokiya answered.



Ittoki was at a loss for words, so he decided to not say anything, choosing to go to sleep.

Early the next morning, Ittoki woke up early, before Tokiya or Reiji and looked at his phone.

To see ten new messages in a group text.

"Wha..." he said, groggily, opening the text.

The first message was a picture.

A picture of Ai and Syo... From last night.

"How?" Ittoki looked at the sender.


"Nooooo..." the redhead groaned. He decided to test his luck and read the chat.

Look at who got together! : D -Natsuki

Oh my... -Masato

Get it, Chibi-chan. -Ren

You woke me up for this? -Camus

Hey, Hijirikawa, wanna try that for New Years? -Ren

I hate you. -Masato

Cute! -Cecil

Awe! -Reiji

Shinomiya, y?! -Ranmaru

"Oh my god." Ittoki groaned, then his phone buzzed.

One new message

Ittoki opened it.

I'm going to kill all of you! -Syo

"No." Ittoki gulped.

Natsuki was dumb enough to add Syo into the group text?!

Ittoki dove for the door and turned the lock, wanting nothing to do with the bloodshed that was soon to come, then his phone buzzed again.

One new message

Ittoki, despite his better judgement, opening it.

All I want for Christmas is you, Syo. -Ai

Ittoki blushed as he silenced his phone, "I hope that doesn't wind up on the Christmas Card..."
AixSyo- All I Want for Christmas is... Part 2
A/N: I don't own the characters

Request from :iconutaprincess:, I hope you like it!

This would've been put up yesterday or earlier today, but I got sick yesterday, I threw up literally four times and I was only slightly better today, but I was able to power through and get this up!

Poor Ittoki can just never win

Part 1: xingesesoulreaper.deviantart.c…
Woot woot! Turned 19 today, super old now! Thanks to all my friends and family who wished me a happy birthday! Small update: fics getting done slowly but surely.
Birthdays were never a big deal to Kagami, his celebrations never being anything grand; it only ever being just him, Alex, and Tatsuya with cake, but Kagami was okay with that. He didn't need a lot; a simple 'happy birthday' would more than suffice any big party or tasty cake, just simply having the day recognized by those he cared about.

What he didn't accept was not having the day recognized.

Not to say that today, Kagami's seventeenth birthday, had been unrecognized by his friends. Vorpal Swords all gave him some form of recognition; a hug from Kise, a bag of snacks from Murasakibara, his 'lucky item' from Midorima, a birthday punch session from Aomine, a card from Akashi, the guys from Seirin all saying 'happy birthday' individually to him. Riko and Momoi both gave him their best attempts at birthday cake, Alex gave him the standard kiss, Tatsuya had mailed him a pair of new Jordans. The day had been completely recognized by all.

All except Kuroko.

Kagami's hypothetical shadow had been the lone person who did not so much as send him a simple 'happy birthday' text; the inaction of the usually thoughtful Kuroko felt like a slap, punch, kick, and tackle all had a child together and let it play around with Kagami's heart. Almost like betrayal, just a few short months ago was Kuroko's birthday and Kagami had gone above and beyond for his partner; skipping practice to cook all of Kuroko's favorite foods and have him over at his apartment for dinner.

"Maybe Kurokocchi is planning something for you and he wants it to be a surprise." Kise voiced, trying to lift Kagami's spirits upon hearing his concerns, "Yeah, maybe..." Kagami muttered, "Speaking of Tetsu, where is he? Practice started an hour ago." Aomine added from his position of laying on the freshly polished court. "He said he was skipping practice; had something important to do." Midorima answered from his station at half court, "See, he's probably planning something for you, Kagamicchi!" Kise exclaimed happily.

Murasakibara decided to chime in there, "I don't know, Kuro-chin never did anything special for our birthdays." he said in between handfuls of chips, "Yes, but Taiga is different from us, exceptional. Don't worry about it too much, Taiga." Akashi said, "I won't, thanks." Kagami replied.

Kagetora announced practice to end early soon after, as the plays they were supposed to run involved Kuroko and in honor of Kagami's birthday; 'a present,' as Kagetora put it.

"Even Coach did something for me." Kagami thought bitterly as he walked back to his apartment, "All I know is, Kuroko better not ask for anything next year." he spat as he arrived at his front door. Normally, the door would be unlocked, signifying Alex was home, but today, the door was locked, "Guess she went out." Kagami mumbled as he pulled his house key out from his pocket, putting it in the slot, turning to allow the tumblers to ease and unlock the door.

Stepping across the threshold and kicking off his sneakers, Kagami immediately took notice of the shoes that were too small to be his and too masculine to be Alex's, "Maybe Kurokocchi is planning something for you and he wants it to be a surprise!" Kise's words flashed through Kagami's memory.

"No way..." he breathed and ventured into the kitchen.

On the table was bags upon mags of Maji Burger, two milkshakes, a candle for ambiance, and most importantly, Kuroko standing in front of him, "Happy birthday, Kagami-kun." the shadow said, face flushed ever so slightly.

Something within Kagami snapped, he lunged forward and took Kuroko into his arms, "Thank you." the taller replied and he placed his lips to Kuroko's to show how truly thankful he was. And to his glee, Kuroko more than welcomed the gesture, mouth opening, granting the redhead access; tongues intermingling in an inexperienced yet passionate dance.

This was the best birthday Kagami ever had.
KagamixKuroko- Tanjoubi
A/N: I don't own the characters

Happy birthday, Leighann!

This was a birthday present for my friend, Leighann, who turned 19 today! Yay!

Just a cute birthday fic for a birthday, birthdayception!
Woot woot! Turned 19 today, super old now! Thanks to all my friends and family who wished me a happy birthday! Small update: fics getting done slowly but surely.


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HunterXHunter is ruining my life.

I'm just your everyday otaku and anime/manga fan. I'm an avid fanfic writer and I will write basically anything; any pairing, any genre, just ask and you shall receive. I'm always open for requests, so if you want a fic, just ask and hopefully I can oblige. My artistic skills are improving, but I'm not expecting a whole lot of drawings. I will also put up pics of me and my friends in cosplay.

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